This record of our travels in 2007 was for family and friends to keep in touch with us.  Our intention was to post some of our pictures together with a brief commentary about what we saw and did, the places we went and the people we met, but the whole thing seems to have got a little bit out of hand.

All the menu items are complete and you can see our notes from the entire trip - Singapore, Turkey, Gallipoli, United Kingdom, Washington, Charleston, Ottawa (and Montreal thanks to the lovely Aline), Toronto, the rail trip across Canada to Vancouver and finally O'ahu and Hawaii.  

For those with broadband and stamina, there are swags of larger format photos here under images on the contents bar. 82 from Singapore, 157 from Turkey and Gallipoli, 129 from Washington, 94 from Charleston, 274 from Canada and 208 from the two Hawaiian islands we visited.  That's 1,639 so you'd better put aside a bit of time.  Due to space restrictions I have removed the UK photographs so they are no longer available.

Margaret and Clive                                                            [Below: Panoramic photograph of Niagara Falls (from left, American Falls, Bridal Falls and Horseshoe or Canadian Falls)]